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Here is a brief history of the exciting Puffin Lundy Postage Stamps. The earliest date recorded for the opening of the Lundy Island Post Office is 3rd March 1887, though it is unlikely that it did in fact operate until 1892, when the GPO laid a cable from Croyde in North Devon† across the Bristol Channel to the† lundy island and built a stone cable hut where the cable terminated-against the east wall of the keep of Marisco Castle. The cable hut became known as the Post Office, which contained a table and counter, pigeonholes for sorting letters, a stationery cabinet, as well as two bunks and a cooking stove. The latter used by linemen sent from the mainland to lay and service the cables connected to the islandís two lighthouses, there to warn Bristol Channel shipping, which subsequently came into service in 1896. Still a long way yet to the now familiar Lundy Postage Stamps!

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From 1912 to about 1915 there was a twice-weekly mail service using British not Lundy Postage Stamps to Lundy Island, one from Instow North Devon and one from Bristol operated by SS Devonia. During the First World War the service was either from Milford Haven or from Ilfracombe North Devon. In 1912 the renowned MV Lerina entered service, carrying mail between Instow North Devon and the island in the Bristol Channel, culminating in October 1925 when M C Harman acquired not only Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel but also the mail-carrying contract together with MV Lerina.

The first Sub Postmaster appointed, Mr F Allday, held the post for over 30 years, until he left in 1926, being succeeded by M C Harmanís next appointee, Mr H Lang who held the Post Office for only about 1 year before leaving. M C Harmanís head gardener, Mr W Mien, then took over the Post Office but he too only held the job for a few months before leaving Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel. As no successor could be found from the islands population, M C Harman requested the Postmaster General to close the Post Office and the GPO ceased to have any interest in the Bristol Channel island after the end of 1927.

It is interesting to recall that the various sub-post Masters were allowed by the GPO to hire a donkey to carry the mails from the islandís landing beach to the Post Office and down again.

For 2 years M C Harman continued to carry, free of charge, mail to and from the North Devon mainland on MV Lerina, the mail being transported in sealed mail bags to and from the sub Post Office at Instow North Devon by Captain W Dark, skipper of MV Lerina. Responsibility for distributing incoming mail and despatching outgoing mail on Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel was in the hands of the late, renowned, Mr F W Gade who had arrived in 1926 on a three month trial, as M C Harmanís resident agent, a position to be retained except for a short break until Mr F W Gade retired in 1971.

In 1929 M C Harman decided that he could no longer afford the free mail service, and to defray his costs he conceived the idea of issuing special Lundy Stamps, better known as Puffin Stamps for fixing to incoming and outgoing mail. He choose, for the new Lundy Postage Stamps the Puffin as his Puffin Stamps unit of currency for Lundy Stamps, being equivalent of the British penny, and on the 1st Nov. 1929 the first Lundy Stamps of Lundy Island were issued, the Puffin Stamps half Puffin Pink and the Puffin Stamps 1 Puffin Blue. Half a million of each Puffin Stamps Puffin value were printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Co Ltd who also printed the additional 6 Puffin, 9 Puffin and 12 Puffin values introduced on the 9th July 1930. The bird has appeared consistently on most Lundy Stamps issues since then. Thus commenced the issue of a long series of Lundy Stamps, which form the subject of this web site.

I have considerable stocks of the famous Lundy Stamps and am able to offer the following listing, all in sets, priced in Sterling, all never hinged unless otherwise stated. U.S. buyers should note the current exchange rate is $1.65 to the £1. European buyers 1.65 euros to the £1. For ease of identification I have numbered each set with the existing system Mr Bale used to employ and was known as the ĎL Listí.

Please note the pictures used on this site are not to scale and are produced in this format as a guide to the item only. Non of your stamps will have faults or flaws as may be seen on some of these sample pictures, unless they are sold as such and you have been personally informed.

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